What I’m Watching Tonight

The Dress rehearsal in Denver kicks off tonight and I’m looking specifically how three guys will meet the challenge tonight. Maurkice Pouncey; first time he’s got a pro-bowl nose tackle perched on his noggin. Jamal Williams is a massive man. Thus far, Maurkice has really only played against an even front. Though he’s practiced against it (an uneven front and a 3-4 and a pro bowl NT in Casey Hampton), it’s never the same when it’s a real game. Isaac Redman; special teams are his ticket to the final 53. … Read More

Thin Air (Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

Mile High is mile high because it’s a stadium that sits at an altitude of a mile high in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Denver. That’s the dizzying logic i bring each and every day to the Locker Room with Tunch Ilkin on Foxsportsradio 970. But the reality of the dizzying logic is in the dizzying reality. Because that’s what you experience when you play a football game at that altitude. Though Chuck Noll repeatedly told us that if we were in Denver less than 24-48 hours, we’d be … Read More

James Harrison and the One-Armed Pushup (Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

How strong is strong? Try this on for size. Do several one-armed pushups. Then do it with shoulder pads and a helmet on. Then, while doing rapid fire one-armed pushups continuously, have a couple mischievious friends lift your feet about 3 feet into the air and keep on doing them as if you were doing two-armed pushups. That’s what I witnessed today while watching the Steelers practice on the Southside. James Harrison, dressed in full battle regalia, dropped in the middle of the practice field and started doing one-armed pushups. Then after … Read More

Classic Mr. Rooney

One of the real gentleman of the game and a man that I truly admire is Dan Rooney. He is a unique personality. Mr. Rooney (and I still address him as such) seamlessly combines strength of character and leadership with a gentle humbleness not often found in the world of professional football. So when I saw Mr. Rooney in the Giants press box before the game, I wasn’t surprised. He almost always stops in to chat (or “loaf,” in his words) with the press guys. After saying hello, I moved on. When i returned … Read More

Moose and Trai Essex
(Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

Last week on our show “In the Lockerroom with Tunch and Wolf” we were broadcasting from training camp. One of my family members, Dean Rutan is known as “Moose,” or “Uncle Moose” to my kids because he’s a pretty big dude. Well Moose came up to visit and was hanging out with me and Tunch while we did the show. One of our guests that day happened to be massive Steelers offensive guard Trai Essex. As I introduced Moose to Trai after the interview, the 6’5″ 330lb Trai shook hands … Read More

Maurkice Pouncey

Standing on the sidelines is the best view you can get at a game. During the Giants pre-season game, i started to spend a lot of time watching the Steelers first round draft choice Maurkice Pouncey. Everybody knows this young man has got all the tools to be a great lineman. A highly respected defensive lineman told me himself that he thinks Pouncey could be a Pro Bowl guy by year three. Maurkice played well in the Giants game, manhandled some dudes, got caught once on a delayed dog rush from off that caught … Read More

Rookie Etiquette (Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

The life of a rookie in a veteran world is difficult. Everyone of the rooks has come from a background as a BMOC (big man on campus) just a short time ago. Therefore, coming to a new team loaded with vets can be a humbling situation. It’s all about learning your place. Just look at Dallas WR Dez Bryant and all the dust he kicked up when he refused to carry a vets shoulder pads off the practice field. Earning your spurs is a process where a rookie transforms into an accepted teammate in good … Read More

Latrobe 500
(Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

Oh baby this is it! Yeah, the end of training camp. I’m cutting out a day early, but this is the last practice open to the public And the rest are glorified walk-throughs. Tunch and I move the Locker Room to the studios at Clear Channel on Greentree road. And with the ending of training camp comes the best words you could ever hear. “GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!” That was the cry heard round the camp when back in the day we broke from a Chuck Noll camp that was as … Read More

Antonio Brown and the Jugs Gun (Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

I took in my last training camp practice of 2010 at Saint Vincent this afternoon. So after practice I settled into a chair sitting ringside on the field because I like to check out who’s doing something extra. Who wants it bad enough to put in a little non-paid overtime work after Coach Mike dismisses them from practice. I know the usual suspects. Hines Ward, James Harrison, Chris Hoke…yada, yada, yada. You expect it from these dudes, that’s why their pro’s. You can be sure the second year guys who are … Read More