Just Some Thoughts

There’s no doubt about the culpability of Sean Payton and Greg Williams in handing out cash bounty rewards. It’s bad stuff folks, no ifs, ands, or buts. But certainly the hype machine that is all over the NFL breaking the latest news of the latest bounty offered by then Saints DC Gregg Williams with the acknowledgement of Payton is churning into over kill though. This guy is not a mass murderer in a headset. This game has always been discussed, coached, critiqued and immersed in the most colorful verbage and … Read More

Big Play William Gay

I know that there are a number of Steelers fans who will see the signing of William Gay by the Arizona Cardinals as a boost to the Steelers secondary. I am not among the number that believe that to be so, but i do know that there is a faction out there that really wasn’t fan-friendly to seeing #22 line up on Sundays. Regardless of your take on his skill-set, this i do know, Pittsburgh is losing a good dude. William is a survivvor, a man who has risen above … Read More

The Times…They are a Changing

Knowing when to pull the plug on a career is not easy. Whether a doctor, lawyer, pastor, priest or “waste disposal technician,” all occupations carry with them the same general comcerns in determining when to say when. There are so many mitigating circumstances that revolve around the decision-making process which accompany the acknowledgement that “the time has come,” they can fog the clearest perspective on which course of action to take. It’s no wonder so many miss the moment. For a professional athlete, it can be even harder because it … Read More

Mike Wallace

The Steelers have tendered restricted free agent Mike Wallace a sizeable chunk of money with a 2.7 million dollar offer that i hope leads to Mike getting a deal done. The Steelers really need Mike, because he’s got the one thing you can’t coach, speed. You are right when you say that Mike needs to flesh out his all-around game. Being the long body type that he is, Mike has some problems getting off the jams at the line of scrimmage. Strong cornerbacks with a vicious two-handed punch create some … Read More

The Samurai and Larry

With the parting of ways with James Farrior, inside linebacker becomes a position of keen interest. Larry Foote is the obvious choice of the moment to step into the shoes of the departed Potsie. Larry is one of those guys you can’t dismiss because he’s a gamer, one who’s “game brains” or understanding of the game is superb. Potsie was the same way. Both Potsie and Larry instinctively knew and understood the subtleties of the game within the game and their Samurai “6th sense” was their hedge against losing a … Read More

Punching Chuck

While i was watching some of the combine on TV, a.k.a. the underwear olympics, i couldn’t help but do a little time traveling in my noggin, back to the first time i met Chuck Noll at Syracuse University. Chuck had come to Syracuse to scout Art Monk, our great WR and Bill Hurley, a record setting QB. While Chuck was primarily going there to see those guys, he wanted to see me as well. You see, although they had some version of the combine going back in the spring of … Read More


So the New York J-e-t-s are going to bury the hatchet and engage in a little “team building” eh? Hmmm…i always get a little squeamish when i hear teams are going to engage in team building. I thought that was what training camp was for. Years ago when i went to the Minnesota Vikings they, like the Jets, had a turbulent behind-closed-doors season the year before i got there. So in that off-season the Vikings, following the ’89 season, went to one of those team building “Trust your buddy” type … Read More

Paying Attention to the Details

Though i publicly maintain that i am no fan of Patriots coach Bill Belichick (hey look, it’s a family honor thing. He cut my brother when he coached in Cleveland), i must confess that i do have an admiration for the way he conducts business. For instance, in Indy this week while practicing, Belichick pulls his guys into the locker room after an hour on the field and sits them down for thirty minutes, including a “half-time” speech to prepare the players for the upcoming game. Then he puts them … Read More

Winning the One-on-One

While i prepped for the “Mile-High Match-up” in Denver and watched some tape of the Broncos offensive line, i came away with the feeling that the Denver Broncos OT Ryan Clady would not be able to block James Harrison consistently mano-y-mano in passing situations last weekend. After hanging 9 quarterback pelts on the wall in 11 games, in a season which James Harrison has overcome 2 lower back surgeries, a broken face and fines and suspension, I believed Harrison ready to ride rough-shod over the Clady. I really thought James … Read More

Take the Gambler’s Advice

“You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, Know when to walk away and know when to run.” The lyrics to the Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler” of so many years ago should be the anthem that loops endlessly in the gourd of Steelers running back Isaac Redman this week as the Steelers prepare to kick off their run for the Lombardi trophy in Denver. As i stood on the sidelines of Cleveland Browns stadium watching the young buck bang, boom and bam his way through the … Read More

The One You Gott’a Have

There are four guys that have a chance to play this weekend after sitting out last week versus the Rams. Maurkice Pouncey, Ben Roethlisberger, Lamar Woodley and Manny Sanders. If i had a choice to select just one of those guys that i thought was indispensible this weekend it would have to be Maurkice Pouncey. All you gott’a do is flip on the film of the Cleveland Browns defense. In the middle of the Browns line, Ahtayba Rubin and Phil Taylor are a two-man demolition team blowing things up with … Read More