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    Where’s the common sense?

    On December 23, 2010 By

    Egregious is a word that’s been bandied about the NFL these days to describe some of the hits and thusly the follow up fines handed down by NFL Grand Poo-Bah Ray Anderson.

    On the same weekend as the Jets Sal Alosi participated in “Knee-gate” and got a suspension and a $25,000 fine, another more”egregious” foul occurred [...]

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      Being One of the Boys

      On December 15, 2010 By

      I agree with former Dolphin linebacker Zack Thomas when he said that a wall was provided and ordered up from either special teams coach Mike Westhoff or Rex Ryan on a punt return against the Miami Dolphins.

      In the Jets game against the Dolphins which everybody has seen, Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi stuck [...]

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        Conspiracy Solved

        On December 10, 2010 By

        All right, you can take off the aluminum foil and duct tape for now. The conspiracy that i thought was percolating a mere 24 hours ago is not the conspiracy that i thought conspired yesterday.

        How do i know Chris Chester was simply trying to even the score with James Harrison and now can see my [...]

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          One of the big questions to be answered on the big stage tonight in Baltimore is how will the NFL officials handle this game.

          Think about it. After the trifecta of hits back on October 17th that triggered the onslaught of fines for unecessary roughness the aforementioned Grand PooBah of NFL decorum Ray Anderson issued [...]

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            There is mucho wailing and gnashing of teeth over the present quandry of the rules and ramifications of hitting quarterbacks. The NFL through the Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah Ray Anderson has issued many directives concerning the Bozo no-no’s of pass rushing. It has caused much confusion. Rather than dwell on what we don’t know, let’s look at what we [...]

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              I’m a little fuzzy on the NFL math. Let’s see…James Harrison gets banged for $5,000 for uprooting Vince Young. Then it jumps to $75,000 for hitting Massaquoi in the course of a play. For, I believe it was called, being a repeat offender. The fact that James says he tries to hurt guys supposedly factored [...]

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                James Harrison met with the NFL commish Rog Goodell this Tuesday in New York to discuss the new crack down on illegal hits. Today James was fined for the third time, this time for $20,000 bringing his total to $100,000. On today’s podcast I break it down and discuss the impact and affect it will have on the silverback and the team.

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                  NFL Backed Into a Corner?

                  On October 21, 2010 By

                  Has the NFL backed itself into a corner after laying down the law with the fines and throwing out the possibility of handing out suspensions?Especially after not coming out and saying definitively of the three big hits over the weekend which one(s) were deemed excessive.

                  The guys in New York have the clicker at their [...]

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                    Looking at the Hits

                    On October 20, 2010 By

                    If you look at all three hits that got fined by the NFL, it goes like this in my humble opinion.

                    Brandon Meriweather on Todd Heap. Should be penalized and fined. A possible suspension because it had all the elements involved. Defenseless receiver, launching and leading with the helmet. Bill Belicheck sat Brandon’s butt on the bench for [...]

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                      I’m all for player safety. I mean who isn’t? I’m also for staying true to the integrity of the game. There is an element of danger that the game brings with it. So does Boxing, Nascar and Hockey among other sports where athletes put it on the line and push the edge. When you sign your name to the [...]

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                      Head and Brain injuries as you know is a common topic on this web site. Very serious and very RIGHT now. We see it week after week in the NFL and is is becoming more prevalent and damaging in all sports and in the military. We continue our coverage on recent developments in the research and progress being made in this near and dear area. Today we podcast about a recent article noting that more “Athletes are donating brains for injury study.”

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