Saturday Night Fights

I was disappointed to see the post-fight thuggery that followed a great performance by Strikeforce middleweight title holder Jake Shields that was broadcast on CBS Saturday night. Dan Henderson came out swinging and Jake looked tentative and overwhelmed in the first round. Jake got himself together and dominated the rest of the bout, but the antics of Jason Miller in the post-fight interview in the ring led to a battle royale with what appeared to be double-digit participants and would have been a great show closer for a WWE pay-per-view..

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Interview with talent network news

This is a 6 minute interview with talent network news about the new web site, blogging and podcast.

talent network, inc. put together the web site, records the podcast and handles personal appearances and corporates speaking. This podcast recorded at the talent network multi-media studios and the interview conducted by Frank Murgia who will also be the producer sidekick you will be hearing in the upcoming podcasts on the web site here.

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