Steelers Training Camp | Craig Wolfley Web Site and Podcast - Part 3
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    More Stuff From Camp

    On August 8, 2012 By

    Here we are the day before the Steelers open the pre-season in Philly. So just some more observations from the past week in camp.

    David DeCastro will make his first start against the Eagles. By my count he’s had four very good practice days in a row. David is really starting to flash his skills. […]

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      After 3 “Show Pony” days where the Steelers ran and practiced in shorts followed by 2 days in pads, here’s just some thoughts and observations;

      I wish i had these CBA rules back in the day. Would’ve extended the career by a few years and the damage points would have been less.

      Keenan Lewis has […]

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        The Pittsburgh Steelers circa 2012 have said goodbye to a lot of familiar faces.

        James Farrior, Hines Ward, Aaron Smith, Chris Hoke, William Gay, Bryant McFadden, Chris Kemoeatu and Max Starks add up to 55 seasons or so of men “putting their hand in the pile” and playing extremely high quality Steelers football. Men who have […]

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          Big Play William Gay

          On March 26, 2012 By

          I know that there are a number of Steelers fans who will see the signing of William Gay by the Arizona Cardinals as a boost to the Steelers secondary. I am not among the number that believe that to be so, but i do know that there is a faction out there that really wasn’t […]

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            The Clock is Ticking

            On September 1, 2011 By

            Tonight’s finale in Carolina represents the last opportunity for 27 men to state their case for employment by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s the end of the journey seen through 27 different sets of eyes. By the weekend, the Steelers have to reduce their roster and the dreaded “turk,” the one to inform the player that […]

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              While doing some interviews for Steelers TV on the practice field after Coach Tomlin “Whistled it up,” i got a chance to say hello to Trai Essex, the lineman they just signed back in the fold.

              Trai was all smiles, as well as he should be. Trai found himself in no-man’s-land after no takers in […]

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                I’m sitting in the hotel in Washington D.C. after traveling here with the Steelers entourage in preparation for tonight’s pre-season opener against the ‘Skins.

                On the TV, last night, was the movie “Stripes” with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Immediately a flashback to the early 80’s came to mind.

                Tunch Ilkin and I were jogging […]

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                  Finally, after 10 or so days of training camp, we have a feeling of a little bit of flow. Normally after a week to 10 days, players find their “sea-legs.” Meaning that they start acclimating to the rigors of pads, hot weather and funny feeling beds.

                  Some of the young guns that are starting to […]

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                    It’s the second day of pads in Latrobe and as i headed down the hill to the practice field from the dorms, a quick look at the Laurel mountains already spoke of a hot day coming up for the Steelers.

                    And as always my thoughts run to our oldest son serving in Afghanistan and the 100 degree […]

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                      Radio Ready

                      On August 1, 2011 By

                      The boys are back friends. Well rested and ready to talk football.
                      The “In the Lockeroom” show w/ Tunch & Wolf returns to 970am ESPN Radio Pittsburgh.

                      NEW TIMES:

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                        On August 1, 2011 By

                        In the real first test of camp with pads on Mike Tomlin went to the old stand-by and crowd favorite. The linebackers pass rushing against the RB’s and TE’s, otherwise known as “backs-on-backers.”

                        In this drill the offensive player is forced to read whether the inside or outside linebacker to one side is coming. It’s […]

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