Tunch & Wolf | Craig Wolfley - Part 2

    Tunch & Wolf’s 2012 Walk for the Homeless will be held on Saturday, May 12th at Heinz Field Great Hall and the surrounding area, in which all proceeds will benefit the Light of Life Rescue Mission. The former Steelers will lead the 10K Walk, beginning at 8:30am, where more than 700 people are expected to [...]

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      David DeCastro

      On April 27, 2012 By

      Obviously i was overjoyed when the Steelers were able to pluck the best guard in the draft when they nabbed Stanford’s David DeCastro with the 24th overall pick. Watching this guy on film was sheer fun, and i could picture in my mind’s eye Steelers Boss Hogg, Sean Kugler, doing the burrito dance after David [...]

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        James Harrison has been a monster for a long time. After suffering through two back surgeries in the off-season i learned up at training camp he had been squatting with a barbell on his back with 315lbs. Way below what i know him to be capable of.

        What bothered me about that is James’ whole [...]

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          Sending a Message?

          On November 5, 2011 By

          After reviewing tape from the season opening loss to the “Angry Birds” otherwise known as the Baltimore Ravens the total went something like this according to the research of Tunch Ilkin.

          On 26 run plays, Casey Hampton got cut/chop blocked 8 times. Defensive end Aaron Smith got whacked 4 times. Since that game the cut [...]

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            Synergy, Chuck Noll Style

            On October 27, 2011 By

            When you look at the Patriots offensive line, some curious observations can be made. They appear to operate opposite of what other lines in the NFL do.

            On pass plays they are very aggressive in their short sets, engaging opposing defenders quickly even when there is no play-action. They “set-short” and make it a phone [...]

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              I’m sitting in the hotel in Washington D.C. after traveling here with the Steelers entourage in preparation for tonight’s pre-season opener against the ‘Skins.

              On the TV, last night, was the movie “Stripes” with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Immediately a flashback to the early 80′s came to mind.

              Tunch Ilkin and I were jogging [...]

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                Radio Ready

                On August 1, 2011 By

                The boys are back friends. Well rested and ready to talk football.
                The “In the Lockeroom” show w/ Tunch & Wolf returns to 970am ESPN Radio Pittsburgh.

                NEW TIMES:

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                  On May 24, 2011 By

                  I find it amusing to see what NFL players are doing with their down time while being locked out by the owners. If you’ve been following the Hines Ward odyssey as he attempts to take home the DWTS trophy, you’ve seen a number of retired and active Steelers sitting in the stands cheering on Hines.

                  Some players [...]

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                    Hey everybody, our annual Tunch & Wolf’s Walk for the Homeless for the Light of Life Rescue Mission is Saturday, May 7th. It’s a great time of getting some cardio while consuming mucho food-o.

                    Mass consumption of anything edible being one of my favorite subjects, come along and see if you can duplicate the time i [...]

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                      I was hanging out at the White Fields dinner at “The Priory” last week and many ex-players were in for the dinner. One of my former teammates, the legendary tackle Jon Kolb was in attendance. Jon was reminiscing about the Steelers-Browns game from my rookie year (1980) played at Three Rivers stadium.

                      What made this [...]

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                        Ed Bouchette of the Post-Gazette is reporting that in the event of a lockout, some Steelers are considering alternative conditioning programs and discussing meeting at various locations to workout together. Keeping the “Sword sharp” so to speak.

                        Not a bad idea. This was the way it was done 20-30 years ago before the OTA’s and [...]

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