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    There is considerable talk coming out of Green Bay that the Packers are watching film on how “not” to tackle Ben Roethlisberger.

    Just as Rex Ryan put together a hi-lite reel of some of Hines Wards biggest hits to “anger up the blood” in the immortal words of Satchel Paige, the Jets defensive players, so too has Defensive [...]

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      Win The Game

      On January 26, 2011 By

      Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians after the Jets game;

      “Coach said ‘Win the game.’ We had a play set thursday night, that that’s the play we would use and Ben made an unbelievable throw and Antonio got open. You can always play safe and run, punt, put your defense back out there but it’s not [...]

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        Stories From The Sidelines

        On January 24, 2011 By

        I took my position at “Ice Station Zebra” on the sidelines for the Steelers-Jets AFC Championship game. I had so many layers of clothing on that if i fell, i’d be like the kid in “Christmas Story” and not be able to get up.

        As i’ve said before, i remember playing years ago in weather like [...]

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          Fighting Spirit

          On January 20, 2011 By

          After the 10-play 80-yard drive gave the Steelers a 7-0 lead against the Ravens, i watched intently from the sidelines as Flozell Adams lurched, jerked, shuddered and barely made his way to the bench area.

          Great googly-moogly i thought, The Hotel must’a caught one to the gourd and he’s in la-la land. Watching the Steelers pit-crew [...]

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            The Mojo was in full Mojination this past Saturday at Heinz Field, in the pubs, the eateries and homes of Steeler nation far and wide. This week has brought many stories of how fans changed the mojo of their normal routine at halftime of the playoff game this past Saturday when the men of steel [...]

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            Steelers v. Ravens part three did not disappoint and was the best of the 2010-11 trilogy. The renegade struck twice and the second time was a charm that shook the seats in the upper bowl at Heinz Field. Today we wrap up the Ravens for the last time and dig deeper in to the magical [...]

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              Adding To The Power of 7

              On January 17, 2011 By

              I can’t help myself but play Mr. Obvious here and point out that the Steelers beat the Ravens by…c’mon…you know it, by “7.”

              Guess how many AFC title games the Steelers have lost since the AFL-NFL merger? Yep…7 is the number. You know how many AFC Championships they’ve won? Right again, 7.

              Since the dynasty of the [...]

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                The Power Of 7

                On January 14, 2011 By

                In the immortal words of Gandalph the Grey from Lord of the Rings, “And so it begins.”

                The Steelers take to Heinz Field tomorrow to begin their run at another Super Bowl. In facing the Ravens they square off against a team that is such a mirror image of themselves that when they shave in the morning [...]

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                  Speaking of crack-back blocks, during the Cleveland game while on the sidelines, i watched a Steelers play run towards the Browns sidelines.

                  Big o’l 6-4 275 pounds of outside linebacker Matt Roth for the Browns attempted to gain outside leverage on a Rashard Mendenhall run. As Roth moved towards the sidelines, what must have been [...]

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                    Tunch was talking to Hines Ward on the WDVE “Hines Ward” radio show a couple weeks ago. One of the most compelling stories Hines shared was the reason why the Carolina Panthers fought so hard in their Thursday night game at Heinz Field against the Steelers despite a lousy season and with the thought of [...]

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                      Powerful Mojo

                      On January 6, 2011 By

                      Every week for the last three months Mike Tomlin has reported that Aaron Smith is “one week closer” to getting back on the field.

                      As of this moment Aaron hasn’t gone through a full practice, but the fact that Coach Mike has kept a “seat on the bus” for Aaron says three things;

                      1. It [...]

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