Quote of the Week
(Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

Quote of the week; Nobody works harder than Aaron Smith. He’s the consummate professional. I’ve often said he (Smith) is the Mike Webster of this generation in offering consistently superb play on a daily and weekly basis. He doesn’t have bad days, he IS bad days for others. A couple days ago, Aaron, sweaty, hot and tired after chasing Dennis Dixon in the 102 degree heat of training camp after a scrambling Dixon tucked the ball and ran 20-25 yards downfield in 11 on11 team period bellowed; “THROW THE BALL DIXON! YOU’RE A QUARTERBACK, NOT A RUNNING … Read More

One of Them Days
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

There’s two special players in camp that I’m really looking forward to watching in the pre-season. Steelers rookie wide receiver tandem of Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown. So far they are meeting the expectation level of their position coaches and gaining ground in their knowledge of the system. But everyday in camp is a new challenge. It’s Groundhog Day everyday, ballistically speaking. You can’t rest on what you did yesterday, you have to build on what you did yesterday. Emmanuel Sanders found that out yesterday. During the course of the afternoon practice, … Read More

Things I’ve Liked
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

Things I’ve liked so far; I like the way the four prodigal sons have returned home. Byron Leftwich, Bryant McFadden, Antwaan Randle El and Larry Foote have all come back snorting, chomping at the bit, working hard and leading by example and ready to contribute, and mentor younger players. I like the spike upwards in the play of second year pros Ziggy Hood, Mike Wallace and KeenanLewis. So far, they are meeting the level of expectation that rises in the second year. I like the leadership and interaction of offensive line coach … Read More

Rating the Rooks (thus far)
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

Maurkice Pouncey; looking like the number 1 he’s supposed to be. Excellent athlete who so far has shown that he can figure it out. Jason Worilds; Aggressive and hard working, got a hammie just when he needs to be on the field getting reps. Prior to injury, he was noticing that the offensive guys got stronger grips in the NFL than in college. Emmanuel Sanders; like watching a silent film. Soft steps, soft hands, catches everything. Gott’a see his reaction when he’s not taking a soft hit. Thaddeus Gibson; Greg Lloydish in his … Read More

Friday Night Lights in Latrobe
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

The Steelers held a night practice “under the lights” at Latrobe High School and it was their first one in full battle regalia. You have to love the vibe when the Steelers hit the field in front of 12,000+ rabid Steelers fans. Things got hopping in the blitz drill known as backs on backers. Either the inside linebacker or the outside linebacker blitz with the running backs having to jump up and hold their ground in the face of a fierce, fire breathing backer with hostility on his gourd. There … Read More

Camp Action
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

It was another hold onto your keester day at camp, but the hitting matched the weather throughout the afternoon practice. While watching internal running Maurkice Pouncey pulled down the line from his guard position and trapped the wang-dang-doodle out of some defensive lineman on the far side whose number i couldn’t get. All the elements were there, the low contact point, head inside, driving hamhocks and a determination to finish the block by grounding and pounding the unspecified victim. I like it. Pouncey followed that up by going mano-y-mano in the pass pro drill with … Read More

Notes from Camp
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

If you had a set of gills you would have felt quite at home in Latrobe today. The humidity made you feel as if you were wearing a second skin. Anytine you can’t see the Laurel mountains clearly, it’s a hold onto your butt day as former Steelers and now Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore told me years ago. Offensive line coach Sean Kugler used the “Chutes and Ladders” drill by having the hogs come out of a chute chopping their feet while driving the man backwards, only to break from … Read More

Training Camp Phenom
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

I think it was in my second year, maybe third in the league, when a young rookie nose tackle from Indiana University Pa. burst onto the scene in training camp. Then Steelers defensive line coach George Perlesgot so excited he couldn’t contain himself and trumpeted loudly before the media, “He’s a phenom!” His name was Joe Cugliari, a big rough tough guy from Pittsburgh. Joe was having a lights out training camp after going undrafted and came to camp with very little known about him. It didn’t take long for Joe to shine, and before his knee injury … Read More

The Smackulator
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

There’s a lot of “Smack-u-lation” going on up here at Saint Vincent. Three days into this camp and the Wolfley Smackulator is registering some great hits. Tunch has the “Tunch-istrator” where he diagrams plays on a TV screen so that you can connect the dots on a play. Being a relatively unskilled mook, I have the smackulator that registers big hits. The best hits so far. Outside linebackers versus tight ends in mano-y-mano run blocking drills. David Johnson (aTE) ground and pounded rookie linebacker Jason Worilds. And I do mean pounded. I … Read More