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The Times…They are a Changing

Knowing when to pull the plug on a career is not easy. Whether a doctor, lawyer, pastor, priest or “waste disposal technician,” all occupations carry with them the same general comcerns in determining when to say when. There are so many mitigating circumstances that…

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Mike Wallace

The Steelers have tendered restricted free agent Mike Wallace a sizeable chunk of money with a 2.7 million dollar offer that i hope leads to Mike getting a deal done. The Steelers really need Mike, because he’s got the one thing you can’t coach,…

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The Samurai and Larry

With the parting of ways with James Farrior, inside linebacker becomes a position of keen interest. Larry Foote is the obvious choice of the moment to step into the shoes of the departed Potsie. Larry is one of those guys you can’t dismiss because…

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