Winning At Any Cost

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Coach Noll was all about winning. But not winning at any cost like most of the pseudo-Lombardi types that coached in the 70’s and 80’s. Chuck was a man of principle and integrity, and he led by example. When other coaches would push the rules, Chuck would have none of it. Nor would he allow his players.

Back in the mid-80’s, there was a time when it was “fashionable” to have a little silicon on the jerseys of offensive linemen. This made the jerseys slippery and hard to grab by the mutant pin-your-ears-back Doberman pass rushers who used extra lengths of an offensive linemens jersey to grab and pull, or hold on a stunt. And it was especially hard for us Steeler offensive hogs because we were all typically shorter than the guys on the defensive side of the ball.

When Chuck Noll caught wind of a few “cooking accidents” where we “might” have over-sprayed the frying pan with cooking spray while cooking omelettes before the game and happened (quite accidentally mind you) to hit our jerseys, Chuck hit the roof.

“WE ARE THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS” Chuck said loudly in his Chuck voice and Chuck “look” that frankly, would make all but Jack Lambert and Joe Green pee down their leg. “WE DON’T DO THOSE THINGS.”

Butter anyone?