Steelers Training Camp; 10 Days and Counting

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This past week I had the pleasure of working at the Steelers Youth Football Camp at West Allegheny High School. That’s always loads of fun with around 100 or so 8-14 year olds running around learning football skills while coaches from local schools impart their wisdom and some old guys like yours truly join in the mayhem. It can be more like herding cats at some points during the workouts.

This year the alumni featured all-time Steelers sack leader Jason Gildon. That dude is still in great shape. But I had the opportunity to talk to one of my favorite players, back-up nose tackle Chris Hoke. Hokie made an appearance at the camp and it was funny seeing this big guy explaining the intricacies of taking on a double team to an 8-year old.

Before he left West Allegheny we started talking about the upcoming season, and of course, training camp. No matter the decade, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or the new millenia, training camp is always something that sucks. As soon as Chris started talking about camp my first thought was “I’m glad I’m not you.”

It’s 10 days and counting Chris to the start of camp. And I’m still glad not to be you buddy.