3 Things to Look For Tonight

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1. A NEW ATTITUDE; Steelers offensive line coach Sean Kugler is attempting to forge a new mentality with his linemen, North-South power oriented football. No matter how few snaps the first teamers get, check for the surge at the snap of the ball. If you see Lions colored butts moving backwards, the message is getting through.

2. RISE OF THE SECOND YEAR GUYS; Look for Ziggy, Mike Wallace and Keenan Lewis and how many times they jump off the screen at you.

3. SPECIAL FORCES; Look for Thaddeus Gibson and those other 250 lb lean and mean bodies to show up on kickoff, kickoff return, punt and punt return. Take a body count. This is where the majority of young bucks “make their bones” and either get a roster spot or cut themselves. A very interesting part of the game if you’ve got a keen eye for max effort guys.