Latrobe 500
(Steelers Training Camp Blog 2010)

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Oh baby this is it! Yeah, the end of training camp. I’m cutting out a day early, but this is the last practice open to the public And the rest are glorified walk-throughs. Tunch and I move the Locker Room to the studios at Clear Channel on Greentree road. And with the ending of training camp comes the best words you could ever hear.


That was the cry heard round the camp when back in the day we broke from a Chuck Noll camp that was as long as 7 weeks, not the 2&1/2 weeks these guys put in. Chuck’s camps were brutal, guys were exhausted and everybody was missing their families. Tunch and I would jump into the car, turn on some Hank Williams Jr and cruise down down Route 30 singing along with some of the worst drive-by karaoke ever to be heard.

But that was another day. Right now we celebrate, for today is the start-up of the “Latrobe 500.”

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