Maurkice Pouncey and Gameday Cliches

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Opening day is special. As the Steelers prepare to take on the Atlanta Falcons tomorrow at Heinz Field, I know what the players are going through. The day before the game is a time to get right. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually as you prep for the following days fireworks.

All the hard work has been done. “The hay is in the barn,” so to speak.

“Ain’t no point in getting scared now, I feel pretty good about everything. I think I’m going to do pretty well.” (Maurkice Pouncey)
It’s funny how football cliches like that are still prevalent today. I can remember Mike Merryweather mouthing almost the exact same thing around 25 years ago on gameday. “Don’t get scared now!” Mike would growl.
Because it’s a game of confidence. Belief in yourself to get the job done and in the man on your right and left to do the same.
Maurkice has got it right. Now is not the time to doubt yourself. It’s time to believe. Confidence comes from working hard all week getting mental and physical repetitions and banking those reps.
Gameday is the day to draw on those deposited reps.
Tomorrow when Maurkice takes the field, I hope he feels “Ten foot tall and bullet proof.”
Love those game day cliches.