Trai Essex and the Clicker Dudes

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Every offensive line group watches tons of film with their coach, and then usually gets together on their own and watches more after practice, or over at somebody’s house at night as the week unfolds. It’s a great time to watch the film, build a little group camaraderie, order out for a little chow (had to keep your strength up) and get your mind right for the game.

The O Line coach, Sean Kugler, will handle the “clicker,” or gizmo thing-a-ma-bob that rewinds, fast forwards etc. the film when they meet together. But when they meet on their own, somebody has to step forward and assume the role of line coach and be the “Clicker Dude.”

Back in the day, Mike Webster was the clicker dude. After he left for Kansas City, he bequeathed the clicker to Tunch Ilkin. Now, you have to understand that the clicker dude has to be a control freak, someone who has to watch the minutest detail of every play and drive others in the room (such as me) crazy. Plus, because back then the cord to the clicker wasn’t very long, you had to sit by the projector and sit upright. I kind’a enjoyed lounging on the floor with my dogs kicked up. I was the Sargeant-at-Lounge. A very…ahem…distinguished position. My duties included turning off the lights.

And it was important to keep the clicker dude’s role consistent.You couldn’t arbitrarily pass off the duties to just anybody. Bad mojination could be had if you didn’t adhere to proper clicker-ism protocol.

Having said all of this, the clicker dude for the present day Steelers is Trai Essex. And Trai has agreed to join Tunch and me in the “Southside Lockerroom” on Tuesdays from 11-12 before the Mike Tomlin Press Conference on FoxSportsRadio 970.

Tune in to find out what happens when two anal retentive clicker dudes and one lounger from two different eras rehash the game in detail. Over and over again. Down to the smallest detail. So that everything is talked about…ad nauseum. Really. I mean it. It’s like the male version of “The View.”