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It’s tough. Losing a game to the hated “Dirty Birds” is always a bad time, but you couldn’t write a better script for the ending if you’re a Ravens fan and like to read Edgar Allan Poe.

TJ Houshmanzadeh (or however you spell that name) has been a long time thorn in the side of the Steelers going back to his Cincy days. And then to have Ray Lewis make the final play on that interception was almost more than you could ask a dyed-in-the-wool Steelers fan to bear.

When the final gun went off, somewhere around a third of the Steelers went immediately to the locker room instead of going onto the field for the congratulatory handshake.

The feeling I had after the game was over was like when you had a schoolyard scrap with the grade school bully. And you both got as good as you gave, but the bully got one in while the teacher was separating both of you. And then your antagonist had that stupid grin on his face as the teacher hauled you off to the Principal’s office. The one that says “I got you on that one.”

Yeah, it doesn’t sit well, does it?