Steelers Chris Hoke

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Tunch Ilkin and I have a talk show on FoxSportsRadio 970 Called “In the Lockerroom with Tunch and Wolf.” This past Friday, Steelers nostetackle Chris Hoke called in for a visit and as always I leave impressed when I talk to Hokie.

Here it is a Friday during a bye week, Most guys are either out of town, or heading that way, What’s Hokie up to?.He just got back from a lifting workout and re-hab session early in the morning and after that Hokie’s taking his bride out to lunch. In between he sandwiched a radio interview with us. That’s commitment and balance to a lifestyle that has produced probably the best back-up nosetackle in the league.

This is year #10 for Hokie. He was a bubble boy for his first three years and never saw an NFL regular season snap during that time. Hard work and perseverance pay off, and Chris Hoke is a living testament that there is still a place in the NFL for those who are willing to do the grunt work and have a heart bigger than their body.