Powerful Mojo

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Every week for the last three months Mike Tomlin has reported that Aaron Smith is “one week closer” to getting back on the field.

As of this moment Aaron hasn’t gone through a full practice, but the fact that Coach Mike has kept a “seat on the bus” for Aaron says three things;

1. It speaks volumes of the value and respect the Steelers have for Aaron Smith both as a player, and as a man. When Aaron is at full strength, there is not a better 3-4 DE in the world.

2. The fact that the Steelers have gone this long being a player down on the defensive line while also suffering the loss of Brett Keisel for six games tells you that the Steelers seriously consider themselves a Lombardi Trophy candidate, and not a one and done pretender.

3. Aaron is also a symbol of hope. There is great mojo in the comeback of a beloved player who lifts his teammates on and off the field. And believe me when i tell you that in the lockerroom, and in the front office, Aaron is a beloved man.

Never underestimate the power of a man’s determination to climb the mountain of adversity and in doing so lifting others around him to cresting that mountain. 

There is powerful mojo in the attempt, greater still in the actual accomplishment of that feat. It might be just enough to get #7!