Power-down the noise and amp-up a win

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Tonight the Pittsburgh Power (1-1) take on the Milwaukee Mustangs (o-2) in Milwaukee. This is the first road trip for the Power and after playing to crowds averaging over 11,000 fans for their two home games, the crowd that attended Milwaukee’s only home game thus far was somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000.

Not only is that a great bump for the Power who won’t have to be concerned about noise levels, but it reminds me of my buddy and former teammate QB Cliff Stoudt who jumped to the USFL Birmingham Stallions years ago and faced a crowd of less than 10,000 fans at the 100,000 plus seating capacity of the LA Coliseum for a game against the LA Express.

Stoudt told me that there was so little noise in the caverous Coliseum that “We had to whisper in the huddle so that the defense didn’t hear the play-call.”

Here’s to Head Coach Chris Siegfried and the Power bringing home a win!