Pillage, Then Burn

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 GREAT! We’re back in business! Finally something to talk about other than CBA issues.

Okay, with all the rigamarole of the CBA about to vamanos on outt’a here for the next decade we can all get back to what we enjoy most. Watching the Black n Gold burn and pillage their way to another run for the Lombardi.

Yep there’s a whole truckload of things to do on the things-to-do list. Since i have nothing to do with that list and have no secret agenda, and am merely a mook longing for the start of the season, something’s been itching in my noggin for awhile. And that is the Steelers need to get Willie Colon signed, sealed and delivered to the RG spot.

Steelers second round pick Marcus Gilbert may be the guy two years from now, but i wouldn’t count him in as the starter for this year. Ramon Foster played well given the reins last season, but Willie could well be the man. 

Willie banged out 54 straight starts before his achille’s tendon became his “Achille’s Heel.”

I’ve watched as this young man took over the RT spot, suffered through the usual yips and up and down travails of a first year starter. But i have had a front row view as Willie emerged from the brawler to the technician, someone who had really grown to maturity and was on the verge of taking home some Pro Bowl votes prior to his achille’s unraveling. I understand that the docs gott’a do their due diligence and check Willie and his tendon out, but given a green light on health issues, he’s a proven performer. 

Flozell Adams did a great job last year. Not only did Flo step in and play the opposite side of where he had lined up the previous 13 seasons, but he brought a nastiness factor as big as his body, and when you get a gander at Flo, that’s saying something.

Marquis is just scratching his potential from a deep well. But the hallmark of this young man early on was to take no prisoners. Not at the line of scrimmage or standing around a fender-bender thirty yards down the field rubber-necking it. 

Offensive lineman who can intimidate as well as effectively ground’n pound, well, it’s a winning combo.

Here’s my point. Willie Colon is one of those guys. And i think he’s capable of playing the G spot too. In between Pouncey and Flo.

Think of it. Sundays would be like unleashing three of Sherlock Holmes’ “Hound of the Baskerville’s” on a peaceful, quiet and unsuspecting “Smurf” village for  burning and pillaging. The ferocity that those three dudes would bring to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in any NFL city in/outside of the ‘Burgh would be hard to match by the guys lining up on the other side of the ball.

When you have skills, and are physically capable of mauling your opponent all whilst leaving a little fear in them for their own physical safety you have a mental edge in the trenches that’s hard to beat. 

It’s the old alligator/swamp thing. As in when you’re up to yer keester in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that the primary objective was to drain the swamp, or rush the passer, or tackle the ball carrier…you get the picture.

Just remember though fellas, it’s “Pillage, then burn” in that order.