Plaxico Burress

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So just this morning Plaxico Burress signed on with the Jets. I can’t help but think that Bruce Arians had a little indigestion at breakfast. The thought of adding Plax to a WR quartet of Ward, Wallace, Sanders and Brown had to be very intriguing to the man behind the offense.

The same reach for Rolaids probably went down for Kevin Colbert who refers to Plaxico as his “Firstborn.” Plax was Kevin’s first draft pick after assuming the head duties for the Steelers.

Yeah, 6-5 with good speed and hands is like a 4.3, 5-10 WR. Equally tough to cover.

Imagine Bruce Arians designing 4-WR sets with a bunch (3) to one side with Plax, Hines and Sanders/Brown or Heath Miller and Mike Wallace all by his lonesome on the backside?

The mis-matches created by that line-up would be worse than an on-line dating service throwing darts at a spinning roulette wheel of pictures to match up potential date-mates.

But that’s all by the wayside now. Where’s my Tums?