Eye-Catchers from Steelers Training Camp

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Finally, after 10 or so days of training camp, we have a feeling of a little bit of flow. Normally after a week to 10 days, players find their “sea-legs.” Meaning that they start acclimating to the rigors of pads, hot weather and funny feeling beds.

Some of the young guns that are starting to make noise are Chris Carter, an outside linebacker who did very well in ‘Backers on TE’s run blocking and 1-on-1 pass rush. Carter suprised with exceptional pad level (meaning he’d hit grill on grill) and using his quickness to beat the TE across the face when they would try to hook him.

While engaged in severe pass rush mortal combat with 2nd round pick Marcus Gilbert, Carter showed a fine bull rush while splitting wins with Gilbert.

OT Gilbert needs to come into practice honked off. When he’s salty, Marcus showed some serious power in winning some 1-on-1’s against Carter. At least Gilbert is on the board now after sitting out with a hammie.

Free agent TE Wes Saunders is another guy who showed some winning stuff in the ‘backers on TE’s. Wes has a nice flat back, rolls over the front foot on his get-off, and punches through with the hips. His hands tend to get a little wide which will draw flags, but the structure is in place for him in run blocking. And he doesn’t look too shabby as a pass catcher either.

OL Chris Scott continues to keep his arrow pointed upwards. He’s rumpusing at G and looks like a good fit so far.

Antonio Brown is so quick he looks like a cuisinart on hi-speed when he jets through a route. This young man is taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to him by Manny Sanders absense. He is an intense competitor.

Other guys and moments that caught my eye include Willie Colon air-mailing Aaron Smith on a run block. Chris Hoke playing into the Bronko Legursky’s attempted hook block and beating him upfield to drop the back for a loss. Lawrence Timmons vaporizing RB Barron Batch on a blitz in red-zone offense.

Things are starting to heat up in training camp.