Redzone Redman

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One of the best plays the Steelers run is their power play that had Isaac Redman scoring from 20-yards out.

The Steelers are trying to show a pass set, thereby making the LB’ers hesitate, then hit it off the right side with big bodies wiping out other big bodies like an elephant going through the wicker department at the local department store.

In the 2nd quarter, on a 2nd down and 7 for the first down, Ben takes the snap from shotgun and hands off underneath to Redman. Normally Big Juicy (Chris Kemoeatu), but on this day Ramon Foster jump pulls from the left guard spot running to his right.

Just to the left of Foster is Jonathan Scott. “J-Scott” gives a pass set to Seattle DE Chris Clemons, enticing him to rush the passer. Clemons takes the bait like a hungry catfish, swallowing it hook, line and sinker. J-Scott locks up with Clemons as if he were a contestant on the TV show “Hillybilly Handfishing.” Clemons is done.

Center Maurkice Pouncey has a mano-y-mano block on ‘hawks NT Brandon Mebane which he conducts exceedingly well. It’s a critical block because if Mebane flows play-side, the deal is done. Pouncey shuts off Mebane like the gas company shuts off long hot showers.

On the frontside (rightside) of the play, Heath Miller, Marcus Gilbert and Doug Legursky, all lined up side by side, have to take two Seattle defenders and wash them to the inside and then pick up any trash bleeding over the top from the backside. Like an avalanche rolling downhill, the three amigos wipe out the two seattle defensive lineman and snuff the backside linebacker lurking in the shadows.

Prior to the snap Hines Ward goes in trace motion and settles off the line of scrimmage just off the keester of Heath. At the snap of the ball Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas tries to crash the party blitzing off the end of the line. Hines gobbles him up, sealing the edge.

Ramon ramps up skullcrusher speed and turns the corner heading north-south to take on Seattle linebacker Aaron Curry. But CB Marcus Trufant blitzes into the gap like a screaming banshee intent on making the hit. But his angle of attack draws him straight into the hard-driving Foster, who at 330 lbs doesn’t even notice the diminutive Trufant and rolls over him like a Pen Dot steamroller over hot asphalt.

Ramon keeps on trucking and proceeds to “el kabong” Curry with a head-butt that would make an oak tree wince. In essence, Foster had what we call a two-fer. Two guys for the price of one.

All that’s left is for Isaac to shake’n bake CB Brandon Browner and waltz on into the end zone. That done, it’s Steelers 14-0.

As George Peppard, a.k.a. “Hannibal” on the 80’s TV series “The A-Team” always used to say at the end of a successful mission;

“I love when a plan comes together.”