Gimme Three Steps

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So i’m down at the southside watching the Steelers going through a practice session. I end up in conversation with Aaron Smith, and then Casey Hampton stops by. Then James Farrior and James Harrison.

The topic moves to chop blocking and how it’s the technique “Du jour” of the day. All these guys are honked off about it. Without really thinking i blurt out “Back in the day it was legal, we used to do a ton of it.”

Well, you might’a thought we were suddenly transformed back in time to the 1940’s or 50’s during the McCarthy era and i was loafing with Joe McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover and the House Committee on Un-American Activities while acknowledging “I used to be a communist.” All four pairs of eyes swung around and locked on me simultaneously with a glare.

What was that Lynard Skynard song? “Gimme three steps” oooh yeah….