Get a Stopwatch

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In last years loss to the Patriots 39-26, the Pats blitzed (if the stats compiled by Greg Bedard are accurate) Ben Roethlisberger on average, nearly every other throw. In Ben’s first 6 throws, the Patriots blitzed him 6 times, twice sending 6 guys. This kind’a pressure produced 4 sacks, 12 hurries and 3 knockdowns.

Maybe taking a page from the playbook of Tom Brady might be prudent. Brady threw the ball 10-yards or less on three-quarters of his 43 pass attempts while spreading the Steelers out with four and five WR sets.

If the Patriots come at Ben like they did last year, Ben needs to get the ball out of his hands in under 2-2.25 seconds on hot reads. Out-Brady the Brady, so to speak.

Start the clock.