One-Man Tsunami

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Vince Wilfork is a dominant player. Standing just 6’2″ but packing a reported 325 pounds (FYI, i’m guessing he’s closer to 400lbs than his listed weight of 325) of beef-a-lo in his Patriots uniform, the guy is a run-game stuffer. He may look like 10lbs of potatoes packed into a 5lb sack in his uni, but make no mistake about it he is dangerous to the running game health of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With a guy of his girth in the line-up, one of the tools in the toolbox for the Steelers offensive line is to cut him. Yep, cut him and cut him again. Notice i didn’t say chop (that would be illegal), but cut.

When a man of 350+ lbs has to continually bench press himself off the Heinz Field turf again and again, it tends to tucker out the two-footed pachyderms. A tired Wilfork is an easier to move on running plays Wilfork.

So on the backside of running plays, 3-step pass plays, screens, WR “now” routes, basically whenever possible take Wilfork’s legs out from under him.

Just try not be under him when the one-man tsunami crashes to the turf. Ouch.