Changing of the Guard

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The Steelers made a change today. In keeping with Mike Tomlin’s “No sacred cows” theme, and the fact that “The standard is the standard,” Doug Legursky steps up to the left guard spot in place of Chris Kemoeatu.

Big Juicy says he’s well, that the knee is no problem but i beg to differ. I think it’s still a problem, but such is the nature of the offensive lineman, as long as a damaged bodypart is still attached, it’s a go. No problem. Until it impairs results.

Watching Chris as i have over the last few weeks, seems to me that he has trouble with his lateral agility. And that becomes a big problem with twist stunts. Because Kemoeatu can’t shut off the penetrator. And i think the knee is giving him some problems in that regard.

Chris can still bulldoze on straight line plays as evidenced when he crushed Pat Sims on Rashard Mendenhall’s coup’la yard run in Cincy, and he can pull and rev up the engine to disembowel a linebacker such as Thomas Howard of the Bengals on Rashard’s 9-yard TD run. But he looks “dis-comfortable” and vulnerable on passing play stunts.

But with the Steelers coming off’a the bye week and have six games remaining, now is the time if you’re gonna make a move.

Whether it’s Bryant McFadden, Hines Ward or now Chris Kemoeatu, it’s all about the “W” and making a run at the Super Bowl.

One thing for sure, Mike Tomlin’s standard is the standard, and he will spare no one in search of Lombardi #7.