Here We Go Again

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After viewing the James Harrison hit on Colt McCoy in live time from the sidelines, the first thought i had was “Here we go again.” And i’m convinced that i’m right. James will hear from the Commish, no doubt and to no one’s suprise.

What really bothers me is that there is talk of a suspension. That doesn’t, as George Thorogood and The Destroyers once sang “Confront me.” No, because frankly i think that a week off for James would be good in the long run for his back, given that Lamarr Woodley is back and at full strength.

What does bother me is that the NFL has now not only opened the Pandora’s box to legislation purgatory, but they will have to keep adding more and more rules to “Confront” the latest check-the-super-slo-mo-replay to add still more rules.

That’s the situation with James. Colt McCoy had tucked the ball and run six times previous to this encounter with Harrison. On this play, Colt broke out of the pocket. He tucked the ball as a running back should tuck the ball and ran for almost a half-dozen steps. By the NFL’s own rules, all bets are off for protection at this point. At the last second Colt flipped the ball prior to contact. James is already into his “under and up” mode preparing to drill him, like he would an encounter with any ball carrier.

As Bugs Bunny once quipped, “I don’t have air brakes.” Neither does James. He proved that in the Massaquoi hit of last year.

I have an idea. After knocking out Massaquoi, Cribbs and now Colt Mccoy (all play for the Browns if you’re not keeping score), not to mention an unruly Browns fan a few years ago, maybe the NFL should institute a rule that says James shouldn’t be allowed to play against the Browns.

Either that or prepare for the NFL’s latest fine for not having air brakes.