Live From Afghanistan

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Life is full of suprises, and i was never more suprised than while broadcasting a Pittsburgh Power game at Consol Arena with Bob Pomepeani on the Pittsburgh CW.

I got  tapped on my shoulder and i got verbal instructions to “make sure you watch the Jumbotron carefully” during a timeout on the field from Power PR man Justin Gould. Justin alerted me to the video they would play on the big screen from our oldest son, First Lieutenant Kyle Jacob Wolfley. All the way from Afghanistan.

I was floored. I barely remember what i said when we came back on the air. To see your oldest son, up on the big screen while he is deployed on the battlefield, i was just overwhelmed.  Mucho thanks to Mike Gorham ( a war veteran) & Justin Gould from the Power for making it happen on a night the Power saluted our nation’s warriors.