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“Pretty Good”

I was jacked to set up on the sidelines for the pre-season Heinz Field home opener with the Steelers playing host to the Indianapolis Colts. Not because of Andrew Luck, or the return of Bruce Arians or anything like that. I wanted to see…

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Pressure and Perspective

As i strolled down the sidelines of Lincoln Financial Field before the Eagles and the Steelers fandangoed in Philly, i was musing about the pressure facing the two gold dust twins, David DeCastro and Michael Adams, both rookies, both making their first NFL starts in…

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More Stuff From Camp

Here we are the day before the Steelers open the pre-season in Philly. So just some more observations from the past week in camp. David DeCastro will make his first start against the Eagles. By my count he’s had four very good practice days…

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