Watching Sharks Attack

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If you got a chance to get a gander at the Steelers pre-season mauling of the Buff Bills at the “Ralph” in Orchard Park New York on Saturday night, then there’s a good chance you got to see a shark feeding frenzy in action, live without a cage, or even getting wet for that matter.

There’s 10:33 left to go in the 2nd quarter. The Bills have the ball 1st and 10-yards to go on their own 17-yard line. The Bills have a 3-WR, TE package with RB CJ Spiller as the lone “Sidecar” to Ryan Fitzpatrick who’s back in the shotgun.

At the snap of the ball the Bills RG pulls around the center to his left and starts to head upfield. He is slow and indecisive like a Water Buffalo trying to decide between two watering holes. Fitzpatrick gives an underneath handoff to Spiller who tries to get in the hip pocket of his pulling guard. It only slows Spiller down getting to the hole and that’s when the fun begins.

The Sharks (the Buck, LarryFoote and the Mack backer, Lawrence Timmons) react like Land Sharks heading for a fresh kill. Their see-do, as in they see it, then do it is so fast it’s like you snap your fingers. It is amazing watching their reaction and closing speed.

Larry Foote takes one step then smokes into the B-gap taking out the pulling guard. The Law Dawg (Timmons) scrapes off the pileup created by NT Steve McClendon holding the point of attack which keeps Bills LG Andy Levitre from getting to the second level and on Timmons. Law Dawg is almost a blur as he drills CJ Spiller and gets a hat on the ball, which pops out and is fallen on by Ziggy Hood, who penetrates the backside A gap.

The turnover leads to an Ike Redman TD run and kick starts the scoring for the Steelers.  That’s how it’s done in the Dick LeBeau high intensity, high velocity attack defense. Something that was missing all too often last year.