‘A Locker Room Christmas’ with the Steelers Radio Elves

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For those of you familiar with the Steelers Radio broadcast team of  Me, Tunch Ilkin, Gerry Dulac, Bob Labriola, Dale Lolly, Mike Pirsuta and some of our classic radio callers, you may enjoy this little Christmas Poem by Pittsburgh Post-Gazett Sports writer Gerry Dulac. 

A Blessed and safe holiday season to all!


It was a week before Christmas,
And I was having my lunch,
When the word came from upstairs,
‘Can you do Wolf and Tunch?’

I was eating a salad,
And a hot ham and cheese,
When Tad burst into the room
and said, ‘Can you come on now, PLEASE?’

I sprang from my seat
And flew out the door,
Spilling my fruit smoothie
And some nuts on the floor.

Hey Prisuta, Hey Coach,
Hey Labs, Hey Dale Lolley,
I need some new stories
About their mentor, the venerable Rollie.

Tunch was wearing a sweater,
Wolf donned in a cap
And they were talking about Webbie
And how he plugged the A-gap.

Tad wore a golf shirt,
and had taken a bath.
Which made him best dressed,
By a mile and a half

They all called the show.
And Bob in Monroeville
Screamed “Arians must go!”

“What’s new in the locker room?,”
Tunch asked as I sat,
And I told him about Ben,
About Haley, and their spat.

When out from his chair
Wolf sprang like a cat,
And he huffed and he puffed
‘Chuck would never tolerate that!”

Oh Webbie, Oh Blackie,
Oh Dunnie …dink and dunk?
Can you imagine, Tunch growled,
If we said that to Chuck?

Tunch shook, Wolf shuddered
At the thought of Noll’s glare;
And I looked at my watch
And tried not to stare.

My segment was soon over,
I heard the cued music.
And I wondered if Tunch
Would call me Gerry Glusic.

But I realized one thing
As I flew back to lunch,
I’d probably walk off Augusta
To chat with Wolf and Tunch.


Gerry Dulac
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette