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Wolf & Tom Break Down Preseason Game 2 & Review Player Performances

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley and former Steelers defensive lineman Chris Hoke join former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman and now broadcaster Craig Wolfley on his podcast.


  • Hokie’s off as a coaching intern at Steelers training camp, so producer Frank “Big Smooth” Murgia is filling in.
  • With the Pirates doing so well, Wolf shares a couple stories from covering Pirates training camp, as well as playing catcher in high school.
  • Steelers are 0-2 in the 2013 preseason, falling 23-14 to the Redskins.
  • Tom expected to see more out of the Steelers in this preseason game.
  • Frank says most fans on social media expected to see more than 4 carries from Le’Veon Bell.
  • Steelers offensive line can’t execute zone blocking without a blocking TE.
  • Maurkice Pouncey couldn’t break through the Redskins’s defensive line.
  • Mike Adams between a punching-style block and a catching-style block.
  • Le’Veon Bell’s 3rd injury in two weeks.
  • Will the Steelers play RB by committee?
  • Jonathan Dwyer is looking leaner, playing with more maturity.
  • Wolf & Tom break down the Steelers receivers, Emmanuel Sanders is stepping up.
  • Jarvis Jones is making plays on defense.
  • Secondary is in a state of flux with injuries.
  • Steelers have a log jam at inside linebacker.
  • Special teams needs to steal a game.
  • Should a starting WR regularly play on special teams?
  • Next game vs. Chiefs: improve offensive line and run the ball.
  • Wolf talks about bending steel and strongman competitions.


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* This podcast produced and posted by Frank Murgia and Wayne Weil of talent network, inc. | tni media, llc.


The Craig Wolfley Podcast – August 20, 2013 by talent network