Craig Wolfley Podcast | Special Episode: “Forged In Steel” Part 2 of 2

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August 20, 2014

Craig’s guests this week are his former Steelers teammate, best friend and current broadcast partner Tunch Ilkin, and Tunch’s co-authors of Forged In Steel, Mark Miner and Damian Williams.


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Craig Wolfley Podcast Title Sponsor J & D Waterproofing

Craig Wolfley Podcast Title Sponsor J & D Waterproofing


Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman and now broadcaster Craig Wolfley podcasts on news from the Steelers, the NFL and the sports world at large, with the occasional odd story thrown in.  Craig and his co-host/producer Frank Murgia are often joined by current and former NFL players and other guests.


  • Tunch & Damian on strategic team making
  • Guys who love playing football vs. guys who love being football players
  • Defining “Passionate Execution”
  • Chuck Noll was not a motivational guy
  • How Chuck Noll could say 300 things in three words
  • Continuous Improvement: feeling good vs. getting good
  • Why weathered men make the best mentors
  • Mental toughness: easy success doesn’t exist

*This is the second part of a two-part episode.
Listen to Forged in Steel Podcast Part 1 of 2 released 08-08-2014.

Check out the websites for the Forged In Steel book, the Leadership League, and Mark Miner Communications.

(L to R) Tunch Ilkin, Craig Wolfley and Mark Miner. Damian Williams (not pictured) joined the show by telephone.

(L to R) Tunch Ilkin, Craig Wolfley and Mark Miner.
Damian Williams (not pictured) joined the show by telephone.

Book Forged in Steel


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* This podcast produced and posted by Frank Murgia and Wayne Weil of talent network, inc. | tni media, llc.

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