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The Steelers Lineage

Florida Center Maurkice Pouncey became the first Center to be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1937. There is, as everyone knows, a great lineage of Centers to have played that position over the years for the Steelers. Starting with Mike Webster, Dirt Dawson,…

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Saturday Night Fights

I was disappointed to see the post-fight thuggery that followed a great performance by Strikeforce middleweight title holder Jake Shields that was broadcast on CBS Saturday night. Dan Henderson came out swinging and Jake looked tentative and overwhelmed in the first round. Jake got…

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Proud Papa

A couple weeks ago I had the awesome moment of pinning the Ranger Tab on my oldest son’s shoulder. It was a trip right out of the “Family Circus,” 14 hours of donut-and-coffee fueled driving one way with a van full of Mom and…

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Interview with talent network news

This is a 6 minute interview with talent network news about the new web site, blogging and podcast.

talent network, inc. put together the web site, records the podcast and handles personal appearances and corporates speaking. This podcast recorded at the talent network multi-media studios…

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Melloncamp Memories

This post has nothing to do with the rock guy Mellancamp, but a Mellon arena memory during a Chuck Noll training camp. When I heard the Pittsburgh Penguins rang down the curtain on their 1,667th regular season game at Mellon arena by going wam-pum…

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Hanging with Hines

Welcome everybody who chooses to sit a spell and peruse my website. This blogging thing is kind’a interesting because it gives a different format to communicating all the chaos I get to encounter on this crazy ride called life. I have so many varied…

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