Proud Papa

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A couple weeks ago I had the awesome moment of pinning the Ranger Tab on my oldest son’s shoulder. It was a trip right out of the “Family Circus,” 14 hours of donut-and-coffee fueled driving one way with a van full of Mom and little brothers and sisters that wanted to see the big moment.

After listening to a congratulatory speech from General David Petraeus at Fort Benning, Georgia, and a Ranger Demonstration team treated the crowd to a first class exhibition highlighting the unbelievable skills of the Rangers, dad got the honor of pinning the coveted Ranger Tab on.

Kyle Jacob Wolfley is his name, and there isn’t a prouder dad in all the land than this old hog here. He is currently a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army undergoing Airborne training, a graduate with honors from West Point, and a man I look up to. Strong, courageous, dedicated and humble, he is a much better son than I am a father. And I stand in awe of him.

Kyle’s 9-year old brother CJ summed it up best.

“Kyle’s a Ranger. The toughest of the tough!”

Craig’s very first podcast recorded at the talent network multi-media studioa with producer/sidekicks Frank Murgia and Andrew ‘Herschel’ Venezie.

April 20, 2010

Podcast: (14 Minutes)

In-Studio: Host Craig Wolfley w/ Frank Murgia & Andrew ‘Hershel’ Venezie

Talking Points:
– Welcome to the First Podcast
– Happy Birthday CJ
– A New Baby Has Arrived
– Son Kyle Becomes an Army Ranger
– Men and Birthing