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Returning to Buffalo

I am an original “Buffalonian.” Born and raised 2.4 miles from Ralph Wilson stadium in Orchard Park, NY. During my career with the Steelers, we played in Buffalo several times. On one notable occasion prior to the game i had a conversation during the…

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Stevie Ray Vaughn

We’re about one month away from the 20th anniversary of the passing of my all-time favorite guitar hero, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Back in 1983 I happened to catch some tunes from his debut album with his band Double Trouble. Raised on Rock n Roll,…

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Power Punch

Power Punch is a term Tunch Ilkin and I adopted for the style of punching we used in pass protection. At my gym, the Martial Arts & Sports Complex, I have trained many a high school, college, and pro offensive linemen in the system….

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When Are You gonna Learn?

The martial discipline of Jiu Jitsu is beautiful. And extremely potent. Never more was this demonstrated to me than one lesson with my instructor, Edward Lee Vincent. After executing a takedown on Ed during one of our many sparring sessions, I landed in his…

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The Look of Strength

I bent a horseshoe the other day. Not a big one, more of a medium-light type shoe. Not a big fight either, just the solid feeling of testing myself against steel. More of a reminder of days past. Battles against flesh and iron, both won and lost….

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Proud Papa

A couple weeks ago I had the awesome moment of pinning the Ranger Tab on my oldest son’s shoulder. It was a trip right out of the “Family Circus,” 14 hours of donut-and-coffee fueled driving one way with a van full of Mom and…

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