Personal Interviews | Craig Wolfley - Part 2

    “Pretty Good”

    On August 21, 2012 By

    I was jacked to set up on the sidelines for the pre-season Heinz Field home opener with the Steelers playing host to the Indianapolis Colts. Not because of Andrew Luck, or the return of Bruce Arians or anything like that. I wanted to see Willie Colon make his first start at guard.

    All right, i [...]

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      More Stuff From Camp

      On August 8, 2012 By

      Here we are the day before the Steelers open the pre-season in Philly. So just some more observations from the past week in camp.

      David DeCastro will make his first start against the Eagles. By my count he’s had four very good practice days in a row. David is really starting to flash his skills. [...]

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        After 3 “Show Pony” days where the Steelers ran and practiced in shorts followed by 2 days in pads, here’s just some thoughts and observations;

        I wish i had these CBA rules back in the day. Would’ve extended the career by a few years and the damage points would have been less.

        Keenan Lewis has [...]

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          The July sun blazed overhead pulsating in intensity like a 60 watt lightbulb someone had stuck in a 100 watt electrical outlet. Looking out over the nearby Laurel mountains gave no relief, nor inspiration for that matter. The mountains were barely visible due to the humidity hanging in the air. The water vapors were so dense, gills would’ve worked better than lungs. [...]

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            The Pittsburgh Steelers circa 2012 have said goodbye to a lot of familiar faces.

            James Farrior, Hines Ward, Aaron Smith, Chris Hoke, William Gay, Bryant McFadden, Chris Kemoeatu and Max Starks add up to 55 seasons or so of men “putting their hand in the pile” and playing extremely high quality Steelers football. Men who have [...]

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              I just got back Sunday night from a whirlwind trip with some fellow com padres. I had spent the last month honing my Spanish speaking skills while watching “Dora the Explorer” on the Sprout Network with my two and three year-olds, Hannah and Esther, in preparation for a trip south of the border. Accompanied by [...]

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                The Steelers have finally moved Willie Colon to guard. After seven years in the league, i think Willie has been expecting this move for a while as it seems Willie and i have talked about a possible move to guard ever since he came to the Burgh.

                I chatted up the “320lbs of educated Big Nasty” when [...]

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                  Post-Walk Wrap-up

                  On May 23, 2012 By

                  The Tunch and Wolf walk for the Homeless benefitting the Light of Life Rescue Mission on the northside was an unbelievable success this year. In our 10th year of people walking and raising money God raised $100,000 through the efforts of his people hoofing it along the river starting at the Great Hall at Heinz [...]

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                    Just Some Thoughts

                    On April 13, 2012 By

                    There’s no doubt about the culpability of Sean Payton and Greg Williams in handing out cash bounty rewards. It’s bad stuff folks, no ifs, ands, or buts. But certainly the hype machine that is all over the NFL breaking the latest news of the latest bounty offered by then Saints DC Gregg Williams with the [...]

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                      Knowing when to pull the plug on a career is not easy. Whether a doctor, lawyer, pastor, priest or “waste disposal technician,” all occupations carry with them the same general comcerns in determining when to say when.

                      There are so many mitigating circumstances that revolve around the decision-making process which accompany the acknowledgement that [...]

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                        On February 17, 2012 By

                        So the New York J-e-t-s are going to bury the hatchet and engage in a little “team building” eh? Hmmm…i always get a little squeamish when i hear teams are going to engage in team building. I thought that was what training camp was for.

                        Years ago when i went to the Minnesota Vikings [...]

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