Boxing For Cardio and Self-defense

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Boxing is grueling. There’s no other way to put it. When you train for a boxing match, the regimen is primitive and rough. Desire is the greatest weapon of any boxer. You gott’a want to box. Otherwise it’s just too hard. Competitive boxing is not for everyone. But boxing as a conditioning tool and as a way of learning self-defense (yes i said self-defense) is terrific.

Boxing is limited to five basic punches, rather myopic as compared to MMA, but like the Blues scales in the master hands of a Blues musician, boxing becomes the “Sweet Science.” There are endless variations to the scope of boxing when you throw combinations in with angles, feints and evasions.

Training as a boxer has many benefits. The cardio work from running to working heavy bags, jumping rope, mitts, swinging hammers and sparring (even lightly) is fun and beats the heck out of riding a stationary bike where the view never changes. it works for women just as much as men.

If you have the inkling and want to step outside the box a little with your workouts, i can’t recommend a better way to get in shape and have a lott’a fun. After a good session of boxing, there’s no such thing as “road rage.” You can get rid of all your ya-ya’s in as little as thirty minutes. If you get the chance, stop by a boxing gym and inquire about classes.

My wife Faith and I invite you to the Martial Arts & Sports Complex in Bridgeville. It’s a good place to start. 412-257-9868