Interview with Teen Olympic Lifting Champion Mike Nackoul

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Craig welcomes 2-time national schoolboy Olympic lifting champion Mike Nackoul into the Wolf Pack Studios at talent network, Inc.

Mike, now 19 years old is going into his sophomore year at M.I.T.  He is home for the summer and continues to train at Craig’s Martial Arts &  Sports Complex in Bridgeville, PA.

Mike and Craig at the Wolf Pack Studios @ talent network, inc

Craig Wolfley | Mike Nackoul

Mike Nackoul

Video – Mike Nackoul at 2008 School-Age Championships

Behind the Scenes Podcast Interview Video Footage

Mike Nackoul Training at the Martial Arts & Sports Complex/Pittsburgh Barbell Club

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June 15, 2010

Podcast: (18 Minutes)

Talking Points:
– Power Lifting and Football
– Going for the National Record
– Competing in Romania at the Jr. World Championships
– The Discipline of Training Training 13 times per week
– Approaching the Bar
– 2016 Olympic Goals
– Top Weight Goals/ Snatch, Clean & Jerk