Willie’s Achilles

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Most Steelers fans are aware that Willie Colon blew out his Achillies tendon this week, and underwent surgery and will miss the entire 2010 season. One of the toughest things for a professional athlete to suffer is a pre-season injury that takes you out for a year. After undergoing all the off-season workouts, then ramp up your mojo in preparation for the upcoming season, only to pop something before you even bust into training camp really takes it out of you.

Willie Colon is a highly valued member of the Steelers offensive line. While the line as a whole hasn’t really played as well consistently as i believe its capable, Willie has grown each and every year as a starter. That’s all you can ask of a player. Just get better every year. Cut down on your penalties, cut down on your sacks given up, attempt to go through the year without any mental errors (it can be done), work on your technique and play hard each and every game. Missing a year sets you back two years.

And time waits for no one. It’s not just the injury. While Willie Colon has made himself into a consistent starter for the last three years, someone else is about to lay claim to that spot. And whoever that someone is, they will have the opportunity to stake their claim to the right tackle position for the Pittsburgh Steelers into the future. That person will not relinquish the right tackle spot without a fight. Here today, gone today is a saying that means something to professional football players.

Willie Colon undoubtedly will have an opportunity to get back to playing, probably as a starter, maybe, maybe not with the Steelers. Ask Darnell Stapleton. That’s the nature of the beast. In the highly competitive world of the NFL, there’s a reason why the average playing career is a smidge over three years.

It will be a long year for Willie. There’s not too much worse career-wise than re-habbing an injury and watching somebody else hold down your job. Willie is a ferocious competitor, and he will be missed. The Achilles Heel for the Steelers offensive line this year just might be Willie’s Achilles.

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