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Adding To The Power of 7

I can’t help myself but play Mr. Obvious here and point out that the Steelers beat the Ravens by…c’mon…you know it, by “7.” Guess how many AFC title games the Steelers have lost since the AFL-NFL merger? Yep…7 is the number. You know how many AFC…

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The Power Of 7

In the immortal words of Gandalph the Grey from Lord of the Rings, “And so it begins.” The Steelers take to Heinz Field tomorrow to begin their run at another Super Bowl. In facing the Ravens they square off against a team that is such a…

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Pass Rushing Decorum for the Steelers

There is mucho wailing and gnashing of teeth over the present quandry of the rules and ramifications of hitting quarterbacks. The NFL through the Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah Ray Anderson has issued many directives concerning the Bozo no-no’s of pass rushing. It has caused much confusion. Rather than…

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Jeff Reed

The natural “Circle of Life” in the NFL is brief. When i retired after the ’91 season the average career length at that time was 3.2 years. It’s not much different today. Though i played 12 years, it seems now in the rearview mirror…

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