Adding To The Power of 7

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I can’t help myself but play Mr. Obvious here and point out that the Steelers beat the Ravens by…c’mon…you know it, by “7.”

Guess how many AFC title games the Steelers have lost since the AFL-NFL merger? Yep…7 is the number. You know how many AFC Championships they’ve won? Right again, 7.

Since the dynasty of the 70’s, culminating with the Steelers beating the Oilers at Three Rivers from the ’79 season, from that point forward the Steelers have hosted, including the upcoming game against the Jets…oooh yeah, it’s a 7!

Thank you Mr. Gregory Iskat for adding to the power of 7.

Sheesh…what do you think Myron Cope would’ve said?

Craig Wolfley Steelers Power of 7
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The Power Of 7

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