How Will the Officials Officiate?

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One of the big questions to be answered on the big stage tonight in Baltimore is how will the NFL officials handle this game.

Think about it. After the trifecta of hits back on October 17th that triggered the onslaught of fines for unecessary roughness the aforementioned Grand PooBah of NFL decorum Ray Anderson issued a video to all 32 teams.

The video blatantly cast James Harrison’s hit as “bad” on Mohammed Massaquoi. And then Baltimore’s Ray Lewis’ hit on a Jet TE as “good.”

So you have the icon of the NFL gentleman’s hit police on the field in Ray Lewis with his yin-yang counterpart and Darth Vader countenanced James Harrison. So is everything Ray does “good” and everything James does “bad” going to play out on national TV? How do you think the officials are going to lean? Will this be a statement game by the NFL?

Will tonight’s game turn into a referendum on the state of the game?

Stay tuned. Only kickoff will tell.