Bengals vs. Steelers | Post Game Wrap-up | w/guest the “SteelerAddicts” Matt Pappas

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The Steelers are back to their addiction to winning as they completed their season sweep of the bungling Bengals handing them their 10th loss in a row.  Wow, and we thought losing five in a row last year was the be all end all.   Speaking of addicted, today we welcome to the wolf pack studios at talent network Matt Pappas who is representing Steelers fan web site ‘’.

This is our second podcast with a local Steelers dedicated site as an in-studio guest to break down a game with Wolf.  Following Steelers home games we will be featuring guests on the podcast to banter about the game.

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A big thanks to the crew at ‘’ – Matt, Chris & Ron.

SteelerAddicts, Craig Wolfley, Matt Pappas

Craig Wolfley, Matt Pappas, SteelerAddicts

Craig & Matt Pappas


Podcast: (45 Minutes)
– Host Craig Wolfley w/producer sidekick Frank Murgia
– In-Studio Guest Matt Pappas representing ‘’ web site.

Talking Points:
– Welcome Matt & Missy Pappas to the studio
– Pre-Game Feeling
– Big Time Players Make Big Time Plays
– Tears of Troy
– Potsie’s Happy Days (F-arrior = W-arrior)
– The Feast of the Pharaoh
– Matt is a Steelers Addict
– Good Kick Picks (Sushi & Kappi)
– Ben Gets Banged Over and Over
– Pro-Zell Adams
– Matt’s Favorite Steelers

* NOTE – We apologize to the listeners and to Matt and Missy Pappas for a minor audio issue with Craig’s microphone that has him sounding like he is in a tunnel.  This starts about 10 minutes into the podcast. The podcast is still very enjoyable and completely listenable, we just wanted to let you now that we did our job a little below the line as coach Mike would say.