Raiders vs. Steelers | Post Game Wrap-up | w/guests Steelers Depot and David Todd (Podcast)

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The Steelers hammered the Raiders in and old school rough and tough penalty fest or as Gene Collier called it a ‘Flag-a-palooza.’  Speaking of hammered today we welcome to the wolf pack studios at talent network David ‘The Hammer’ Todd who is representing two local sports and Steelers fan sites. ‘The Hammer Speaks’ and ‘Steelers Depot’.

This is our kick-off week of welcoming in local ‘Steelers/Black ‘n Gold/Sports’ fan web sites. Following Steelers home games we will be featuring the locals as guests on the podcast to banter about the game.

A big thanks to the crew at ‘Steelers Depot’ – Editor & Site Owner Dave Bryan, Writer Chris Gates and Writer Stanley Marsh and to David Todd from ‘The Hammer Speaks’ for being our in-studio guest.

"Steelers Depot" "Craig Wolfley"

"David Todd" "Craig Wolfley" "Steelers Depot" "Hammer Speaks"

David Todd '"

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Podcast: (39 Minutes)
– Host Craig Wolfley w/producer sidekick Frank Murgia
– In-Studio Guest David Todd representing ‘The Steelers Depot’ and his site ‘The Hammer Speaks’

Talking Points:
– Fun in the Fall Sun
– Flags & Fines
– Big Ben, Big Day
– Wallace a Bag Full of Tricks
– Man-Tonio has a big day
– Precious Pouncey
– Tomlins Message
– The Ministers of Defense
– Where the Buffalo Roam