The Smackulator
(Steelers Training Camp Blog – 2010)

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There’s a lot of “Smack-u-lation” going on up here at Saint Vincent. Three days into this camp and the Wolfley Smackulator is registering some great hits. Tunch has the “Tunch-istrator” where he diagrams plays on a TV screen so that you can connect the dots on a play. Being a relatively unskilled mook, I have the smackulator that registers big hits. The best hits so far.

Outside linebackers versus tight ends in mano-y-mano run blocking drills. David Johnson (aTE) ground and pounded rookie linebacker Jason Worilds. And I do mean pounded. I expected a 10 count on this one. Gong the smackulator at an 8.

James Harrison on (fill in the blank). I’m just too tired to name them all. The hit on Rashard Mendenhall was reminiscent of Chuck Bednarik laying out Frank Gifford. Crank the Smackulator up to 10.

“Big Juicy” Chris Kemoeatu has made good use of the individual run blocking drills with O line coach Sean Kugler. On a pull to his left he trucked Keyaron Fox like a Semi running over a hybrid. A few plays later, same play, same clash in the hole, same result, only this time a different victim, this time it was James Farrior. Put the two hits together gongs in at an average of 9.5

Isaac “Redzone” Redman locked horns with rook Thaddeus Gibson on Backs on Backers blitz drill. Isaac lost his hat but added a nice touch with a well time Osoto Gari (Judo throw) that sent Gibson flying and eating dirt. The Smackulator says 7.5

On a side note, watching back-up center and guard Doug Legursky. This guy redlines his talent as much as anybody out there. In other words, he makes the most of his God given attributes. He’s the offensive lines version of nose tackle Chris Hoke.

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