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The Steelers/Ravens Rivalry

Why is the Steelers/Ravens rivalry so heated? A short working theory I have is this; 1. “Styles make the match.” Just like in boxing or MMA, the way the combatants go about their business of busting up opponents dictates whether or not you have a bruiser…

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Steelers Starters in Waiting

This attitude, as much as anything else, tells you why the Steelers are 3-0. Outside linebacker James Harrison, on the team starting 3-0 without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger “Just because Ben isn’t there, he is not the whole team. He is a big part of this team,…

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Charlie Batch

Confidence. So easy to say, so very hard to exude when there seems to have been so many that doubted you. When we hit the Steelers hotel shortly after landing in Tampa, there was the usual, wonderful, large contingent of Steelers Nation out in full…

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Casey Hampton a.k.a.

From the Trib Live quotables from Mark Kaboly; “I like the heat. I welcome the heat. It keeps you warm. My quick-twitch muscles can function a little better. Maybe I won’t pull nothing.” —Casey Hampton, the Steelers’ 325-pound nose tackle, on the forecasted high heat for Tampa…

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