Casey Hampton a.k.a.

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From the Trib Live quotables from Mark Kaboly;

“I like the heat. I welcome the heat. It keeps you warm. My quick-twitch muscles can function a little better. Maybe I won’t pull nothing.”

—Casey Hampton, the Steelers’ 325-pound nose tackle, on the forecasted high heat for Tampa on Sunday.

The only part I disagree with is where they list Casey as 325 pounds. 325? Yeah right!

Casey is one of my favorite guys on this team. He is hilarious. Casey is as thick as an Oak tree. He’s one of the few human beings where you can truly say he’s got “Arms like legs, and legs like people.”

One time while I was in the Steelers’ locker room before practice and Hines Ward and DeShea Townsend got a pair of shorts that Big Snack wears out on the practice field.

Hines stood in one “leg” of Casey’s shorts and DeShea in the other. They walked around the locker room to the gales of laughter from players, and media.

What made it so funny was both Hines and DeShea fit comfortably in the shorts together. As a matter of fact, let’s just say those shorts were so big they could have gone a “three-wide” receiver set by adding another wideout in there!

Chris Hoke is an outstanding player. Steelers’ defensive line coach John Mitchell once told me that Hokie could start for 26 other NFL teams. And Hokie proved his worth yet again by playing terriffic football in Nashville.

But Snack is a dominant player, one that Tampa center Jeff Faine wouldn’t mind having to sit out another game. I’m glad “Mighty Casey” is back!

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