Top Pass Rushing Tandems

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In the lockerroom this afternoon (FoxSportsRadio 970 11-1 Monday-Friday), Tunch Ilkin and I got into a discussion of the top pass-rushing tandems in the NFL past and present. We came up with a list that included;

Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney (Colts), Lawrence Taylor and Carl Banks (Giants), Dexter Manley/Charles Mann (Redskins), Bruce Smith/Corneilius Bennet (Bills), Mark Gastineau/Joe Klecko (Jets), Clyde Simmons/Reggie White (Eagles), Ricky Jackson/Pat Swilling (Saints), Clay Matthews/Chip Banks (Browns), Derrick Thomas/Neil Smith (Chiefs)

The fact is none of those pairs had the physical power, speed and athleticism collectively of James Harrison and Lamar Woodley. And if you dig a little deeper, like how well they play the run and pass coverage duties, they stand out even more.

When you start to factor in the “Law Dawg” Lawrence Timmons, and the bang he’s bringing, this is starting to look like a special group of linebackers with James Farrior included that could have the opportunity to be remembered as one of the top wrecking crews in NFL history.

Cable TV is always looking for an angle. How about “When Linebackers Attack!” or maybe a movie re-make of “The A Team.”

The only thing you couldn’t do is put them on a reality show, because it would be a reality show no one else wants to appear on.